Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Dad snoozing with Jaspur we all had a long night so there was alot of sleeping the next day.

Big brother Stetson loving Jaspur he just sat with him for a long time.

Kyle loved Jaspur he got to hold him first & when Stetson asked to hold him he told him no you can wait until we get home. It sounds rude but if you had been there it would have made you laugh just as it made me & Randy we were just rolling it was so cute.

Sorry so dark but my room was on the side of the hospital that the sun cam right in my window so we had to close the blinds. This is my little brother Kayman Ray holding Jaspur he was so excited to finally see him and hold him.

My little sister Siera hold Jaspur in total amazement.

Grandma Cindy holding Jaspur just a few hr after he was born. This is #5 grand baby.

Grandma Cathy with the newest grand baby in her life. This is grand baby #7.

Great Grandma Chaffin holding Jaspur and who knows how many this is for her. LOL

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Camping 8-7-09 to 8-9-09

The wondefull view on our way down the mountain as we headed for home.

All loaded in the truck adn ready to go

Randy making sure everyting is off and secure for the drive home

One last pic of the camp site on sunday afternoon befor we load up to go home what a bummer it was a short weekend

Wide awake and warm inside the camper Sunday morning while everyone else cooked outside and froze

Cooking breakfast Sunday morning after going fishing early

Stetson feeding Bob the dog chips with ranch dip. Ya i know what a crazy dog!!

Jaspur sleeping

Stetson & Ryan staying warm by the fire

Randy on Sat morning sharpining his knife so they could take it fishing

Stetson slept in on Sunday morning

Ryan's girlfriend Carrie

Ryan & Kyle hagin out by the fire

We took Randy's brother camper to go camping so me & Jaspur had somewhere warm yo hang out while everyone else sat out in the cold wind and rain


Look at that grin way to cute !!!!!!!!!!

We went camping over the weekend of 8-8-09 and he did a lot of sleeping that weekend,

& more sleeeping........

& even more sleeping lol.

He was suckin his thumb while we were up camping but every time we tried to take a picture of it he would pull it out or put his other hand in the way. Funny little man.


I love it when he grins he is so cute & look at them dimpels 8-1-09


Sitting in the chair sleepin while big brother Kyle holds him on 7-30-09

Just hangin out with brother Stetson on 7-15-09

Brand new baby boy just sleepin while dady holds him

Dady holding Jaspur at the hospital wow look and the
diferance in the hand size

Jaspur checkin dad out

Grandpa Mark holding Jaspur

Jaspur Wayne Bates 7 lbs 3 oz 20 inches long
Born 07-08-09 at 8:29 a.m.